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Andrew Hodge

Andrew started stammering on his first day at school, aged 5. That’s not unusual – many children have a phase of stammering which they quickly grow out of, but for 1% of the population it sticks. All speech therapy attempts throughout his school years seemed either futile or at worst to reinforce it, and as Andrew’s speech got worse he avoided most speaking situations for the next 33 years. The subsequent 15 years have been much better. The Mcguire Programme, though not a cure, gave him some tools which worked better than any speech therapy, and enabled him to embark on an extensive journey of personal development, to find his voice – and develop the techniques to help others too.

He found, when he joined speakers clubs, that at some level, stammering is just an extreme form of the fear and holding back, that many people experience as they move out with their speaking comfort zone. As he developed and applied his techniques to others, he quickly became sought after as a coach for fluent speakers!

Andrew had an extensive corporate career mostly as a research scientist and team leader of scientists. Latterly leadership, and developing and empowering brilliant technical people was what he became known for. Through Next Level Speaking, Andrew is now doing professionally what he is passionate about – helping people to be the best speakers they can be.

You may have crippling fear or embarrassment in certain speaking situations, or maybe you are just a brilliant professional who needs to move up to the next level with your speaking skills. Andrew’s passion is to facilitate you stepping out of the shadows, and into your own speaking radiance.

The McGuire Program : http://www.mcguireprogramme.com/en

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